EFUN Crypto Prediction
Predictive games are the beginning of EFUN. Predicting is the most exciting part of every sport and sport lovers are crazy for it. This is the truth.
We provide a playground for the predictors to challenge each other. The major difference between EFUN and other predictive platforms is that EFUN does not play the role of a bookie. EFUN is an open platform where predictors play against other predictors. The winners earn the profit from the loser. The rule is simple as that. That is why we literally say predictors challenge each other.
EFUN starts with 2 gameplays: Group predict and P2P predict. The platform is also adding more and more gameplays so that predictors have more options to show their predicting skills.
For detailed information regarding the predictive gameplays and how they work, please refer to EFUN predicts.
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