EFUN Lottery
EFUN lottery
Aforementioned in the introductions of Predicting competitions, every predict taken place in EFUN extracts 0.1% of its total placed amount, which is converted into EFUN currency and added to a lottery bank. All the players who placed their predicts in that game will get some random unique numbers which are considered the lottery tickets. The more predicts taken place, the more EFUN in the bank.
EFUN holders can also buy the lottery tickets directly from the website of EFUN.
Every week the platform draws the result to find the 6 numbers of the week. Who has the ticket with all the 6 numbers matched with the 6 numbers of the week will be the winner and the total prize of the jackpot at that moment will be claimable by that holder.
In the view of the holder who wins the lottery, the button Claim will be visible for him to get all the amount of EFUN in the jackpot.
If there is no winner, all the EFUN tokens in the lottery bank remain and are added up with the EFUN tokens extracted from new games.
The more time players predict, the more numbers they have, which means the more chances they win the lottery.
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