EFUN Sponsored events
EFUN welcome the partners to create prediction events for their community to boost their marketing campaign and to connect with more users from other communities as well.
We provide a solution for any partners to organize prediction games on our platform with the prize sponsored by them. That is why we call this EFUN sponsored events.
For every partner, EFUN provides a landing page for their own details. This page includes the introduction of the partner and the partnership between them and EFUN, the statistics of all the events EFUN organized for them in the past and the schedule of upcoming events as well.
In particular, the Statistics section shows all the events which were or being organized in EFUN platform for this partner. Each event has the number of views, number of predicts and the total value of predicted amount in all cryptocurrencies. These numbers are the proof of the efficiency that EFUN can bring to the community of the partner. On the other hand, the community of EFUN is also notified about these sponsored events so there will be an exchange between EFUN community and partner's community.
For the users from both communities, they can easily find the event details on EFUN platform or via the social channels. They can see all the information related to that event in a detail page as below and join it with their predictions.
Users join sponsored events by using EFUN to place their prediction on one or some answers they think it is correct.
Each event has a Reward pool of a certain amount of token (EFUN or partner's own token). When the event has the final result, this Reward pool will be claimable by the users who predicted the correct answer. The portion of Reward pool they can claim is equal to the portion of their predicted EFUN amount among the total predicted EFUN amount of all the users who predicted correctly.
Besides, the winners of the event can claim the prize which is the amount of EFUN predicted by the losers (the users who predicted the wrong answer).
Every user who joins the prediction of the event will be rewarded an amount of token (EFUN or partner's own token). The actual amount is based on the setting of the event and based on their predicted EFUN amount.
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