EFUN Custom Predict

Custom predicts

If predicting match results seems to be too mainstream, we have something more special for you. Custom predicts bring more options than just the matches so users can be able to predict more things with big prize as usual.
Custom predicts can be anything which can find the one final result among multiple options. For example, each league needs to find the title winner, so users can predict who is the title winner among all the teams of that league. If their predict is correct, they will gain all the predicted amount of all the other users and of course, according to how much they predict, they will get the corresponding won amount.
We are going to start with 2 types of Custom predicts which are:
Predict the champion
Predict the top scorer
For both types of custom predicts, EFUN and BNB are supported as the currency unit.
When the season ends, the title winner and the top scorer(s) are confirmed by the league organizers, the users who predicted the correct one will be able to claim the won amount.
Later on, we are going to add more and more custom predicts according to the actual events such as Who will be The Best, Who will win the Ballon d'Or, Who will be the Golden Boy, etc.
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