EFUN P2P Predict

P2P predicts

The most basic kind of peer-to-peer betting. One person places the wager and sets the odds, and another player matches it. Players are not constrained by unfavorable, centralized odds.
How to play:
Step 1: Access the website EFUN via the DApp browser of Trust or MetaMask or on a desktop browser like Chrome, Firefox, etc. Players are directed to the default page where they can select the a league they follow and see the list of games in that league.
Step 2: Players need to connect their wallet before they can join the games. Trust and MetaMask are recommended.
Step 3: After the wallet is already connected. Players can select a match to see the details and the 2nd tab is P2P Predicts. Players can see all the P2P predicts created by other ones.
Step 4: Players can create their own P2P predicts for that match to wait for other players to join them.
  • The owner of a P2P predict must select the team they think will be the winner of the match with their preferred odds. Other players can only the other team if they want to join.
  • When creating a P2P predict, players need to define the minimum and maximum predict amount. They need to immediately place the amount of tokens equal to the maximum predict amount to make sure that when other players join with the maximum amount, they have enough amount to send them in case the other ones win.
  • Multiple players can join the same P2P predict, of course, they can only select the same team which is not the team the P2P predict owner selected.
Step 5: Players can join the created P2P predicts of other ones, which means they will select the other team than the selected team of the dealer.
Step 6: After the match ends, everyone knows the result because Efun shows the 100% correct data of the match. Players will know if their predict is correct as the actual result or not. If they win, all the tokens of the players who predicted wrongly will be transferred to them based on the ratio of predicted amount among the total correctly predicted amount. Players need to claim their won amount in the match detail or in their predict history.
  • If the match with the predefined odds has the final result as Draw for both sides, the predicted amount will be open for them to claim back. The amount of token sent to the platform will be deducted from the claimable amount.
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