EFUN Group Predict
Predicting competitions

Group predicts

Basically the group predicts are the default pools that every game in EFUN has. That is the one place for all the players to predict the result of that game.
Players place their predicts on their projected outcomes, and all stakes are collected into a single pool. The pool is divided among the winners. The odds are dynamic and change based on the number of participants and the amounts staked.
How to play:
Step 1: Access the website https://app.efun.tech/ via the DApp browser of Trust or MetaMask or on a desktop browser like Chrome, Firefox, etc. Players are directed to the default page where they can select the a league they follow and see the list of games in that league.
Step 2: Players need to connect their wallet before they can join the games. Trust and MetaMask are recommended.
Step 3: After the wallet is already connected. Players can select a match to see the details which contains the Group Predict as the default option. There are 3 options for players to select as the predicted result of the match. After selecting the expected result, players need to fill in the amount of tokens they would like to predict. Based on the amount of all the players already entered, EFUN immediately shows the estimated won amount. Therefore, everyone is aware of how many tokens they could earn if their predict is correct.
Step 4: After the match ends, everyone knows the result because EFUN shows the 100% correct data of the match. Players will know if their predict is correct as the actual result or not. If they win, all the tokens of the players who predicted wrongly will be transferred to them based on the ratio of predicted amount among the total correctly predicted amount. Players need to claim their won amount in the match detail or in their predict history.
You can also check our Youtube videos for the guide:
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