🪙Buy EFUN Tokens

EFUN tokens

The native tokens of EFUN are: $EFUN.

What are EFUN’s Utilities?

  • Play predictive games on EFUN dApp

  • Vote for the future development of efun.tech and EFUN ecosystem

  • Get profit share from every predictive games organized on EFUN

  • Create / Mint / NFTs

  • Stake EFUN tokens for more benefits

How to buy $EFUN?

EFUN is available at PancakeSwap exchange for trading.

Watch this video on How to buy EFUN token (EFUN) using PancakeSwap on Trust Wallet or MetaMask Wallet.

BNB tokens

To do most things on EFUN 2.0, you will need to pay an amount of gas, which comes in the form of $BNB. Make sure you have $BNB in your wallet as well. BNB will be used to:

  • Host prediction game with rewards in $BNB (Optional)

  • Pay event creation fee when you host prediction game

  • Pay fee for platform after event ends

  • Claim rewards EFUN

Go to Platform Fee to read more.

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