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There’re various prediction games on EFUN for you to play. Bear in mind that Event Hosts have full control of the events results so only participate if you trust them.

We’ve created a series of gameplays to help you enjoy the predictions on EFUN, which are P2P & Prize, Users vs. Pool and Affiliate. These gameplays use different pools and prize calculations, hence affecting the amount of tokens players can place, along with options and prizes. Learn more in FAQs.

How to join a prediction game

Step 1: Access the website EFUN 2.0 via the DApp browser of Trust or MetaMask or on a desktop browser like Chrome, Firefox, etc. Players are directed to the default page where they can select the topic they find interesting and see the list of games under each topic.

Step 2: Connect wallet before joining the games. Trust and MetaMask are recommended.

Step 3: After the wallet's connection, select a match to see the details. There are many options for players to select as the predicted result of the game.

  • Select an answer, then fill in the number of tokens that you'd like to place.

The estimated winning amount is displayed right away based on 2 factors: your predicted amount and the number of players that have already participated. Each person is therefore informed of the total potential payout they could receive if their forecast is accurate.


  • $EFUN and other available tokens on EFUN are supported as the currency unit. That means you can predict with either of these tokens. The winning amount will be paid out in tokens corresponding to the tokens you used to place the prediction.

Step 4: Click Confirm to complete the transaction.

In case of successfully placing a prediction, a notice box of accepted transaction should pop up on your screen.

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