🚩Report frauds

Stay safe with EFUN!

Given that the Event Host has complete control over the outcome of the event displayed on EFUN 2.0, what can players do in case of incorrect result? Reporting Frauds is a new function on EFUN 2.0 which allow users to report the game's results that they believe are false to our tech team.

After each game ends, the results provided by Event Host will be shown right away on EFUN. However, the total prize pool will be frozen for the 48 hours since the due date, which means winners must wait after this time to claim their tokens. This is a resonable amount of time for everyone to review and recheck the game result.

If any incorrect information is detected during this time, you should report to EFUN team as soon as possible using Reporting Function for your own benefit.

By doing this, you can assist us in identifying unreliable Event Owners and alert EFUN's community. The process will be conducted quickly and efficiently by our team. In any case of false result found, your predicted amount of that game will be fully transferred back to your wallet.

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