Stake EFUN tokens

Staking is a way for us to reward our community members for having a long term support, investment and locking up our EFUN tokens. In the next stage, staking EFUN will give you voting rights to decide how EFUN works and roadmap.

While acting as the native token for prediction games, EFUN token also offers generous APY staking and farming packages with which users who trust in us can enjoy the price rise.

  • EFUN token can be staked for revenue share from the platform

  • EFUN can be used for liquidity mining for the fee of the platform

Staking process

To stake your $EFUN tokens:

  1. Connect your desired wallet

  2. Approve EFUN

  3. Select the amount you’d like to stake

  4. Press β€œStake EFUN”

  5. You’re ready to go

With Earned EFUN, you can:

  • Claim EFUN to your wallet

  • Add more stake (Restake)

Please note that

  • The value of APR subject to change based on total staking & reward pool. We do not guarantee earnings per current APR.

  • you can unstake your tokens at any point, however if you request unstake you need wait 20 days to get your tokens without a fee. Should you wish to unstake immediately, a 15% charge fee is applied.

  • you can restake with 0% fee.

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