👥Our team

Behind a great game stand the passionate and talented people in the industry. We want to bring the best experience to all the users and event hosts on EFUN 2.0.

Tony | CEO - Founder

Seasoned tech entrepreneur with 15+ years running IT and sport SAAS businesses.

Nick | CTO - Founder

18+ years of experience, Former CTO of Software Development company. Completed multiple projects in the Crypto industry

Jiminezt | CFO

A Master of Financial investment/data scientist. He has a 10-years background in the finance industry and has completed a Master's degree in Financial Investment.

Dan | CMO

A Blockchain and Crypto Enthusiast, he started researching cryptocurrency from 2016. Combining his 8 years of experience in IT companies, he believes in the future of cryptocurrency.

Henry | COO

A COO who managed IT companies with more than 100 human resources. A Crypto lover who is ambitious and always look forward to operating great products.

Mike | Product Manager

Software engineer who has more than 5 years working in Blockchain projects. He loves challenges and has the passion of solving big problems.

Leo | Blockchain Lead

Product manager who has been working in multiple BlockChain projects since 2016. He is a proactive team player with exceptional communication skills.

Simon | Backend Developer

Software engineer with over 10 years of experience. He has a great love for Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, and joined the crypto market since 2016.

Thomas | Frontend Developer

Software engineer with over 5 years of experience. Former Tech Lead in big Software development company who has trong knowledge about frontend development and design.

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