1️Peer-2-peer & Prize

Introduction of P2P & Prize events

This game mode allows creating any fun prediction games for your community and your friends. The topic is not limited to sports but can range idly from trivial facts to more serious questions. In general, this serves as a promotional prediction event that rewards winners.

How to host P2P & Prize events

Step 1: Click on Host Prediction on Homepage or on top navigation bar.

Step 2: Select Peer-to-Peer & Prize.

Step 3: Select the data source which includes all the details about your prediction game and the source for reference.

  • From Sport Data Provider: Data and result of the event will be provided by a trusted data provider. Click Pro data provider then choose the event that you want to host in EFUN's library of sports and market prediction.

Skip step 5 & 4 if your prediction games belong to this group.

  • From Myself: The data and result of these games will be manually updated by hosts. Click Myself to continue.

Step 4: Select prediction category (and sub-category)

Step 5: Enter event details

*Deadline is when no more prediction is accepted

*End time is when the prediction result is declared and the host has to confirm final event’s result

Step 6: At market info page, select the fee rate that the host wants to receive after event ends.

Step 7: At market info page, enter the prize pool. You can add up to 3 prize pools in one event.

  • If you want to offer your own token as prize, please contact the EFUN admin team via Telegram

  • What token users use to predict, users will be rewarded with the corresponding tokens (E.g. Predict with BNB will be rewarded with BNB)

Step 8: Enter market information, you’ll have to select market type, enter prediction question (E.g. What is BNB trading volume on August 1st, 2022?) and prediction options.

Step 9: Preview event before publishing.

Step 10: Publish then share event!

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