2️Users Vs. Pool

Introduction of Users Vs. Pool event

This concept allows you to become a bookie with a personal liquidity pool. In this kind of event, the host can, of course, receive a far higher profit once the predition event is over in exchange for the capital invested. The profit increases with the number of participants, which in turn, promotes brand awareness.

Hosting Users Vs. Pool (UVP) Events is very similar to P2P & Prize Events. You can follow these simple steps below.

Step 1: Click on Host event on Homepage or on top navigation bar

Step 2: Select User vs. Pool Step 3: Select the data source (Myself)

Step 3: Select the data source (Myself)

Step 4: Select prediction category (and sub-category)

Step 5: Enter event details

*Deadline is when no more prediction is accepted

*End time is when the prediction result is declared and the host has to confirm final event’s result

Step 6: At the market info page, enter the liquidity pool. You can add up to 3 liquidity pools in one event.

*If you want to use your own token as liquidity, please contact the EFUN admin team via Telegram

*What token users use to predict, users will be paid with the corresponding tokens (E.g. Predict with BNB will be rewarded with BNB)

Step 7: Enter market information, you’ll have to select market type, enter prediction question (E.g. Which team will be this year UEFA Champion?) and prediction options and their odds

*Explain each market type in FAQ

Step 9: Preview event before publishing

Step 10: Publish then share event!

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