👨‍🚒Set up Profile

Your Profile Page is where people can find all your prediction games, and where they can follow you to receive all your new events right on their homepage.

EFUN's event owners are also able to check their Profile. Participants' predicted tokens and overall response rate will be provided in detail here as a concise report for hosts to assess the efficacy of their prediction games and community outreach.

Viewing your profile page

  1. On your Home page, click on your Wallet Address at the right corner.

  2. In the menu, select Profile

Editing your nickname, description, banner

In the Profile page, you can:

  • Change your display nickname to the public with the maximum of 20 characters (including special character *, /, ~, etc. and icons as well). After saving, you can only edit your nickname once.

  • Insert description in Host's information to introduce who you are. It may also include URL. This section helps people learn more about you or your brand/business.

  • Edit banner by clicking "Change banner" then uploading an image from your device.

Keeping track of your performance

  • Followers: Anyone on EFUN can follow you and see your event content in their prediction events Feed. There's no limit to how many followers you can have.

  • Host's information: The public can see the Report rate and Canceled event rate here. To maintain a stellar reputation on EFUN, hosts should strive to keep these numbers as low as feasible.

Blue tick verification (Coming soon)

The blue verification badge indicates one's authenticity and lets other people know that they are guaranteed when joining his events.

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